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My name is Chris Agee. I own and operate Living Stone. I believe in keeping things simple in my own life and in my business. My goal for Living Stone is not to have many crews working on many jobs making my job stressful and spread thin. I like getting dirty and working with the guys. Everyone on our crew works hard and takes pride in each job we do. I do not believe in having too many jobs going at one time, that is when quality and customer happiness suffer. I like to start a job and complete it before starting a new one.

I have 4 children and a beautiful wife who are very important to me. I believe the Bible when it says to love God with all your heart and to love the people near you as yourself. I love being outdoors and traveling. Every two years or so, I meet my brother in a different part of the world to see how different cultures live in this huge world of ours.

I have a creative artistic side of me and I like working hard. It makes what I do perfect for me. I love my job.

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